Here’s a Cheesy Story You’ll Want to Write Down Before You Forget It

Lately, I’ve been doing a lot of research on how to make great tasting vegan cheeses and sauces. I’ve read all about the different flours to try, the why add this?, and why add that? to it and how to get the right consistency every time.  So yesterday, when I decided to try making a new vegan cheddar cheese sauce, I felt pumped up and ready to get started on it, thinking it’d be a breeze and no trouble would come with it.  Well at first everything seemed fine. I had my spices ready, my veggies boiling, and the cashews softening up in a bowl of hot water.  When all was ready, I tossed it all in a blender and that’s…well that’s when thing’s started to go downhill. First off, my blender began making a strange noise just seconds after I began using it. Aside from that the sauce was coming out too thick, a bit rough looking,  and when I tasted it the flavor was, to my surprise, too bland and lacking something I just couldn’t put my finger on. Fortunately, the blender pulled through and I was able to finish blending it, enough for me to still be confused as to why the consistency just wasn’t there.  I fell asleep last night pretty early, but still with an annoying tick in my mind wondering why my cheese didn’t come out as lovely as I’d hoped.

This little problem I was having here could have easily been avoided if I’d only done what I tell myself to do each time I cook, but always seem to forget to do:  write the recipe down.  I didn’t.  Every ingredient I was going to use just sat right on the kitchen counter (or so I thought) and I even took pictures of it all so that I would be able to write it all down once I was finished.  However, writing down what I was planning to use before I began  would’ve have been an even smarter thing to do, and I would have quickly realized that I was forgetting to add tapioca flour to my sauce.  Sadly, I didn’t realize this until early this morning while still scrambling thoughts in my mind still trying to figure out where I’d gone wrong with the sauce.  So once it finally dawned on me, I quickly put about a cup of the sauce into a saucepan to heat it up. While it was warming up I blended tapioca flour and cold water in a bowl, then tossed it into the sauce and voila!, the sauce immediately had the perfect cheesy consistency I’d been wanting all along.

If it’s one thing I can learn from this is that one ingredient, just one ingredient can throw off your entire creation if you don’t do what I clearly won’t be forgetting to do from now on: write the recipe down.

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